Marco Murara, Bruno Bianco
All Mozartean vocal production, vol. 2nd
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Mozart. Tutti i testi delle composizioni vocali
Marco Murara – Bruno Bianco
Marcovalerio Editore (under the patronage of Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg and of Associazione Mozart Italia)

This book is an an absolutely new work, since for the first time all the texts, which are at the basis of the great Mozartean vocal production, are got together, divided into eight parts:
I. Operas;
II. Sacred works;
III. Oratories and Cantatas;
IV. Arias and Scenes with orchestra;
V. Vocal ensembles;
VI. Lieder;
VII. Canons;
VIII. Rielaborations of other’s works.

The texts are collected in their original version, making reference to the authoritative Neue Mozart-Ausgabe edition, collated to other editions; the variants of the Mozartean autograph are reported in footnote. The texts, besides, are reconstructed in their peculiar metrical structure and are accompanied, if necessary, by an original Italian translation.
Every text is completed by an introduction with information about origin, structure and (for the operas) plot and cast of the première, as well as (and this is an other newness) by sober footnotes about language, geography, history, mithology and so on. The book is conceived as a guide for listeners and, more in general, as an instrument of reference for the music passionates. It is completed by an ample bibliography and many indexes.
The book is introduced by a preface of Prof. Dr. Rudolph Angermüller, Secretary General of the Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum, and by an essay of Prof. Giacomo Fornari, teacher at the Conservatory “Claudio Monteverdi” (Bolzano) and scientific coordinator of the Associazione Mozart Italia.

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